Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waiters's Assistant

Kracked Chronicles

This is a "title screen" concept for my possible animation series "Kracked Chronicles"...

Monday Massacre

Old work of year 2003

Strange Circus

Atlantis concept

Concept of Atlantis made with Pantone markers.

Pocket Clouds Brands

This is the history of Pocket Clouds brand logo. From the most recent (on top) at the most old (to bottom).

Stupid Characters

All this vector characters was made with Flash. 

Digital Cybercutter T-Shirt

This entry was winner of an art contest and was print on a book namend CMYK published by Liguori Editore (Italy).
Successively I decided to use it for a t-shirt print available for sale on Red Bubble site.

Bumble Bump Gnam Gnam

Concept Desert Road